Monday, 12 November 2012

Getting The Roles

Getting The Roles

I absolutley love the auditioning process. Its so much fun, you get to show who you can be and who you are. Elia Kazan said: "The best and most human parts of me are those, I have inhabited and hidden from the world.  I will work on it, I will raise my voice I will be heard"  I love that and thats what I am about. I will do what I want and need to do for my acting career. So far Im loving every process of it.

I got the role which I thought I had not got. I will be doing a live production of a caribbean mother on the 19th of December. Then March next year I will be filming The Tv Drama series for 6 months. I feel very blessed and thank God for my blessings. I do work hard and im also willing to help others and enjoy the process too.

Saturday gone I went to 2 more auditions. Again I enjoyed them both. The first one I realised that I would not get that role as, I believe they were looking for a young wife to play the role. This was for a short film, the director and producer were really nice people, as are all of the people I have auditioned for so far. The 2nd audition was for me to play a mother role.  This is a very heart felt Short Drama. This morning I got a phone call and was offered the role. I start filming this Saturday. Im very pleased as I really wanted this role. Its about mental health in a teenager. I read the script and had tears in my eyes.

This week I will concentrate on my scripts and prepare for my roles.

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