Thursday, 20 September 2012

Brian Timoney Actors Studio

Showcase Time

I am so excited and privilaged to be showcasing in front of Dan Hubbard Tomorrow, at The Brian Timoney Actors Studio.   It has been one exciting year.

I have learned a lot and gone through so many different emotional experiences. I have learned to cry again which is good, as I think I was cut off in that area of my emotions before. I understand myself more. I accept myself for who I am and how I look, as this is me.

I have learned how to bring out and expose the parts of me, that some may not love, but those who come to see me perform will love to see.

On the course, we have had our headshots done, gone on spotlight and done our showreel. The course has been packed with all kinds of things.

I have met some fantastic people who will be in my life for the rest of my life. Its great being around like minded people who understand what your doing as they are all doing the same as you.

So tomorrow is the day when I showcase My scenes in front of Dan Hubbard.  The course has been amazing and has opened doors for me to help me towards my dream as a very successful actress.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Angela Walters Showreel

I have something to show, so Ill be showing it on my first post.

Its my showreel which was done around 2 months ago. I decided when I took this exciting path of mine to keep it under my belt as much as I could until I was near the end. I did not want to be confronted with any negativity about my choice in life. As we all know there are people who wish us well, and people who do not. Now that I am at the end of my training and its time for me to start looking for work, I wanted to share my work with the world. Well my showreel for now!