Monday, 5 November 2012



Well for the past 2 weeks I have been constantly looking for work. I have been applying for all types of roles. At first I felt a bit out of place not sure what was going to come back. When you first go out into the big wide world of acting, after coming off a course you get this feeling of, yeah but can I really act though! Well those are my feelings anyway.  I was desperate to get out there and do the auditions just to see if I really had what it takes. Also to see if I could cope in an audition. Would my nerves over take me, would I dry, would I run out of the audition. I really had no idea, so I was so desperate to find out what I would be like.

After a few days of solid searching, the auditions started to come through. I got excited everytime I saw an email with an audition request.

My very first one was to actually do the part. I didn't have to do an audition. I got a call and they guy said to me, I really liked your showreel, and would love you to play a small part for me. It was nothing massive as it was for a film competition. I was still very excited and chuffed that I got the role from my Showreel.  The filming was on a saturday, when I got there, I was excited and slightly nervous, but I think more excited. It was improvisation, so I had no idea what part of me I would be divulging. It was at Channel 5 Studios and I was in and out in 5 mins. It was not for Channel 5. I believe the guy worked there so had full use of the facilities. It was fun and I enjoyed the short process. Im not sure if he will use what he did, but he said he liked it!

I had another audition which was improv too. This one was to play a caribbean mother. I was in that role for over an hour. The director, had me playing the role to around 8 others actors including himself. I really enjoyed it. I had to do some research and watch some jamaican films to get my tongue back into the full swing of things. I will admit it was the longest I had ever spoken like that in my life hahaha. I really enjoyed it. I will also admit I expected a call back as he said he really enjoyed it, but I didn't get a call back, I know that is the name of the game. The most important thing for me, was that I came out feeling I had given it 110%. I did not hold back at all.  I was just not right for that part.

I got another call for a meeting for a short film. I was told to come in and read a part and do a monologue for them. I said yes great. Then they said to me, oh yes by the way we have given you the part. We loved your showreel, and just know that this is for you. This is a leading role as an evil school teacher, we would just like you to come in and meet us. I went and met them and they have ordered my uniform and will be sending me the script.   I was very chuffed and shocked. 2 roles from my showreel and an agent.

Saturday just gone was the best audition ever!  I got to the location and the director didn't show up looool.   I got there and rang him as I could not see anywhere, where there would be an audition.  He said he is in a meeting and will be with me in 2 hours or so. I thought ok ill wait. Well me being miss persistent, after waiting for 2 and half hours, I rang him and left 2 text messages. His phone went to voice mail.  You know I was really looking forward to the audition. I love giving what I got, and see for myself what I can give. Its not all over as I spoke with him this morning. He apologised, I forgive him hehe!  Its not over until the fat lady sings!

Now I am in the process of building as much work as possible so I have things to add to my showreel.

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