Tuesday, 2 October 2012

One Year Later

One Year Later

I started with Brian Timoney Actors Studio one year ago.  My last day on the course was very emotional. I met some really amazing people and learned some great things which are now in my tool box for my acting career.

 Although I know its not the end, it is really just the beginning, My emotions come from a place of love and understanding. Being around so many people who are like me, but yet we are all so very different. We have cried together laughed together and danced together!!

At the start of the journey I fell into the unknown.  I was very excited about starting the course. I love learning new things and exploring parts of me, which I had not explored before.

Each month came with new and exciting challenges. There was not a moment of that course that was not beneficial to me.

I was cut off from some of my emotions before. At the age of 25 I stopped crying. I closed off that emotion as I had shed far too many tears in the past, in my opinion. When I started the course, it was a part of my emotion that I had to explore.  I knew what I had to do to bring those emotions back again but I was fearful of bringing it up. I didn't want to allow my self to cry. From the age of 25 I could count how many times I had cried on one hand. That really is not a healthy state to be in.  I saw tears as weakness and giving up. By the 5 month on the course, I learned how to cry again. It was difficult, but once I did it, I found it easy to do as and when needed.  Obviously everything will need more and more practice. I must say I was very chuffed with myself for being able to cry again.

On the last day of the course, the flood gates opened and I could not stop myself from crying. Aye its so good to cry!!

I have learned monologues, I didn't even know what one was before I went on the course. I have learned to show the best bits of me. I can be anything I choose to be for a character. It does not matter how ugly it looks, I enjoy showing it.  Before the course, I probably would have hidden certain things about me, now I say it proud and loud. I do it bold and strong.

I went to LA for 2 weeks as part of the course. I stayed with 8 other actors in one house. We had so much fun and learned much more. We bonded together and have memories forever.

I met Casting Directors, it really is surreal.  Even writing about it, I have to ask myself, did I really do all that in one year. Have I really started the journey of my secret dream wow! Yes I have and yes it all happened. I love life and life loves me!

The next chapter of my life is about to start. What an amazing Journey

Thank you Brian and Natalie Timoney for putting the whole thing together. Thank you Joe, Robbie, Gordon, Siobhan, and Keiran.

Brian Timoney Actors Studio

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