Thursday, 11 October 2012

Getting an Agent

After the Showcase I met with the casting directors and agents who attended the showcase.  It was an amazing showcase I had fun and worked with my nerves.

After a couple of glasses of wine and chatter it was time to go home. A few of us had decided to stay together for that night as we knew we would be either high or low!  None of us were sure of what to expect from the showcase non the less, everyone was on a high.

When we all got back together 4 of us, we chatted and laughed and reflected on the evening. We all got interest from agents or film makers so we were all on a high. We all went to the pub the following afternoon had a lovely pub lunch and a couple of drinks. We were basically celebrating the year on the course and a great performance of a showcase.

The following day after that I got to work sending out my thank you for coming emails. The next day I got another agent who wanted to represent me.  On the night there were some interesting parties, after checking everyone out, I chose which one I wanted to go with and Im pleased to say that I got an agent.

A week and a half after the showcase I signed on the dotted line. 2 days later my agent started putting me forward for roles. It felt so good seeing myself being put forward for roles. Now im working hard looking for my own roles and letting the agent also get on with it.

Im looking forward to my auditions which will then turn into jobs!!

Im sure my next blog will be all about my auditons!! fingers crossed....

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